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2020 – Year of Happy Baby Photography!


It appears that 2020 is the year of Happy Baby Photography! All my younger Clients have been incredibly happy so far this year! I think it must have something to do with the calm relaxed vibe in the studio ????

Baby Portrait Photography Hertfordshire

It’s also probably got something to do with the fact that I am constantly “reading” and gauging your babies cue signs. Little things they do that let me know they are getting tired, bored or frustrated. Sometimes it’s quite obvious and vocal and other times it could be just that they have started playing with their hair or some other form of self soothing. I’m always quick to pick up on these little signs and I speed up the shoot or change it about a bit to suit your babies needs on that day. Baby photography shoots are short and sweet, usually 45 minutes. This is plenty of time for me to create a gorgeous gallery of images for you to choose from. It also usually leaves baby ready for a nice sleep in the car on the way home. Always a bonus!


What happens at a Baby Photography Shoot?

Well, quite often my baby photography shoots start with baby asleep! It’s not uncommon for baby to fall asleep in the car journey to the studio. And that’s fine, I don’t book back to back sessions during on weekdays and even at weekends I leave a little “snooze time” between sessions! So if baby is asleep when you arrive I will make you a cuppa to enjoy whilst we discuss your shoot as baby comes round.

Once baby has woken up and is ready to go we will start the photos with a family portrait. I really encourage all Clients to start their shoot with a family portrait. You don’t have to buy it if you don’t like it but at least give yourself the option. Even if it’s not for you but for your children. They will treasure it when they are older and trust me they will not notice or care if you haven’t done your roots or you are carrying a little more weight than usual!

After the family portrait come the Mum & Baby and Dad & Baby images, if required. If you have older children, I am an expert at Sibling images so leave it with me and I will create a beautiful image of your precious babies.

Finally, and last but not least we do an outfit change or two and concentrate on baby creating timeless images using my various props and backdrops.

What will I get from my Baby Photography Shoot?

An amazing gallery of fully edited images for you to choose from at your private studio viewing session. At the end of your photo shoot I will invite you to return to the studio to choose your images over a cuppa. I prepare a lovely slideshow to showcase your images and I will then guide you through the selection process to choose images to suit your chosen product/collection.

There is a stunning selection of handpicked artisan products to showcase your images and enhance your home. Samples of products are available to view in the studio after your photo shoot or during your viewing session.


Are you interested in a Baby Portrait Photography Shoot? Would you like to join Sarah Cockerton Photography’s 2020 – Year of Happy Baby Photography? If so, it would be my pleasure to create beautiful portraits of your baby. Please get in touch.


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