Family Photo Shoot


Great Hormead & Hare Street showing their fabulous community spirit celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day during Coronavirus Lockdown 2020. History in the making!

Sarah Cockerton Photography vs Portraits by Sarah

Sarah Cockerton Photography vs Portraits by Sarah - who is better? Trick question actually because they are both the same. I am just rebranding! It's something I have been thinking about for a while and I probably should have done when I moved to the new studio. It...

Family Photo Shoots

Is it time for your family photo shoot? What do you need to consider? Read on for some tips on how to make your family photo shoot a success.

Mini Photo Shoot Christmas Gifts

Portraits by Sarah Mini Photo Shoot Christmas Gifts ~ the perfect solution to your Christmas Shopping. Prices start at £30. LEARN MORE!

Welcome to the world Remii-Lorraine!

Introducing the beautiful baby Remii-Lorraine & her handsome big brother Chayce.  What a gorgeous family and wonderful Newborn photography session. I do love a Newborn session with older siblings, it's so heartwarming to see how proud they are to introduce me...

Sophia’s Baby Photo Shoot

Beautiful Sophia was a star for her baby photo shoot at the end of April.  At just under 6 months she was the perfect age for a baby photography session.  It's a great time to have your first family portrait taken.  Family portraits are priceless, something to...

A Family of Five on their Fifth Wedding Anniversary!

Baby number 3 arrived just in time to make this family 5 in number for their parents 5th wedding anniversary.  What a great reason to book a Newborn/Family Photo Shoot! It was my pleasure to help this gorgeous family capture this special milestone.  Fabulous fun and...

Sofia’s 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Happy 1st Birthday Sofia!   Babies change so much in their 1st year and although those sleepless nights seem to go on forever that 1st year just seems to fly past.  Sitting, weaning, crawling and possibly even walking!  The first year of a baby's life really is...

Moody Teens & Older Kids!

We all know that the moodiness starts way before their teens so this type of portrait session will also suit your older kids! I will provide guidance on what to wear but ultimately it's about your child/teen feeling comfortable in what they are wearing and how they...

Cousins Photo Shoot

January has been all about families, I've had some fabulous family sessions this month.  I spend a lot of time photographing babies and toddlers, which I absolutely love, but it is also great fun to photograph children of all different ages.  I have hosted a few...

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