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Covid-19 Latest Update


The Studio is OPEN!!

I am delighted to say that the studio is open for photo shoots. I take a lateral flow test on the morning of each shoot to ensure I do not have Covid. I continue to wear face masks for Newborn Shoots and I am happy to wear face masks for any other shoots too. Please just ask. I only offer 1 shoot per day on weekdays and 2 shoots per day on a weekend to ensure I have time to clean and air the studio between Clients.

Other than that I am so pleased to say that all shoots are on!

Maternity; Newborn; Baby; Cake Smash & Family Photography.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I be able to have my photo shoot?

As soon as we move back to Tier 3 indoor and outdoor photo shoots will be able to resume. They will be subject to Tier 3 restrictions so we are unlikely to be able to proceed with studio shoots that include multiple households unless you are in a social bubble. I will update the information here once studio shoots for multiple households can proceed. Outdoor Photo Shoots for multiple households are permitted in Tier 3 with up to a maximum of 6 in your party, including children of all ages.

How will Family, Baby & Cake Smash Photo Shoots be affected by Coronavirus?

Apart from not shaking your hands when you arrive and maintaining social distance, they won’t be too different really. 

I don’t need to be hands on for these type of shoots.  I usually direct you into poses anyway and ask you to position baby and/or the children.  Don’t worry, it’s much easier than it sounds.

I will use my longer lens so I can be further away from you.  I have already moved my studio around to accommodate social distance photo shoots.  Please also see the section below about additional safety measures.

Don’t worry the shoot will still be fun and relaxed.  Your photos will be fabulous and it’s a really poignant time to have a photo shoot (we’re in the midst of history in the making!). 

Gallery viewings will be online via zoom rather than in person at the studio.






Why are newborn photo shoots different?

Well for a start we have to be super careful with Newborns delicate immune systems at any time but particularly now, in the midst of a global pandemic!  Newborns haven’t been classed as a vulnerable group but I personally wouldn’t want to take chances with anyone’s precious new baby.

Can I have a newborn photo shoot during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Yes you can!

Studio photography is not permitted during Tier 4 but as soon as we move to Tier 3 Newborn Photo Shoots can resume.

I now offer two types of Newborn Photography. A posed newborn photo shoot which is hands on as I wrap, pose and soothe baby before stepping back to take the images and a lifestyle newborn photo shoot during which I can be completely hands off. I will wear full PPE during both photo shoots and they both provide galleries of beautiful newborn and family portraiture. Which you choose depends on which photography style appeals to you most and which shoot you feel most comfortable with in the current circumstances. I have shot both styles this past year with fabulous results and very happy Clients!

Lifestyle Newborn Shoot: during lockdown 1, I purchased and set up a Lifestyle Set in the studio which is suitable for Newborn, Maternity, Baby and Family social Distance Photo Shoots.  I have also purchased a stunning range of outfits for babies to wear during the shoot.  The theme is white, simple and elegant (with a touch of pastel thrown in for good measure!).  Your images will be relaxed and natural.  I will offer direction as necessary.

The set is really quite beautiful, even if I do say so myself, and is proving very popular. I am operating a waiting list for January 2021 and I am taking a limited number of bookings for February to ensure I can fit everyone in when I reopen. Bookings are open for March, April and May 2021 also and filling up pretty quickly.


I would prefer your usual posed newborn photo shoot…

Not keen on the lifestyle set?  That’s absolutely fine.  I also continue to offer my posed newborn shoot. Please be aware I do have to be hands on but I will take every precaution possible to offer your baby the safest environment I can during their photo shoot. I wear full PPE, change my clothes after cleaning the studio and regularly antibac and wash my hands. I will try to keep contact with the baby to a minimum. Posed newborn shoots continue to be one of my most popular photography shoots. 

For further information on posed newborn photo shoots please visit: 


I’m worried that I will miss out on capturing my babies newborn features while waiting for my photo shoot… 

Being in Tier 4 is frustrating but don’t worry, I’ve put together a complimentary guide to safely photographing your newborn at home to help you create your own images of your babies early days.  I’m more than happy to offer guidance and answer any queries you have too.


How can I have a safe newborn or baby photo shoot during the Coronavirus pandemic?

I’ve been thinking about this since before we went into lockdown and even more as it has become apparent that Coronavirus is going to with us for quite a while restricting our daily routines in some way for much of the foreseeable future.

So quite obviously I cannot offer newborn or baby photo shoots whilst in Tier 4 but as soon as we move to Tier 3 I will be able to offer all shoots. However, just moving to Tier 3 doesn’t mean you are necessarily going to suddenly feel comfortable with me handling your precious new baby! So if you would like a newborn photo shoot but you would prefer your newborn photographer not to handle your baby then my new Lifestyle Newborn Photography would be the perfect solution.

Lifestyle newborn photo shoots are much more relaxed photo shoots with a light airy natural unposed look and feel.  In theory they are posed (or should I say directed) but in a way that is natural. I can offer a  Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photography Shoot in my spacious white walled studio and complete the whole shoot without touching your baby and maintaining social distancing. 

If you are a lover of white, clean, simple yet elegant images then Lifestyle Studio Newborn Social Distance Photo Shoots could be the safe hands off option to capturing those precious early days as your new family.

Do you love Pinterest and Instagram homes?  Love the simple, elegant, white premium home furnishing look?  But don’t have the time to tidy up let alone redecorate for a photo shoot!  Then Lifestyle Studio Social Distance Photo shoots are perfect for you!

But wait, there’s more! 

Because baby isn’t being posed and wouldn’t need to be asleep it isn’t necessary to host the photo shoot so early in babies life. My current style of Newborn photography works best with babies between 5 and 21 days. (Actually due to constantly going into and out of Lockdown/Tier 4, I have photographed several 4 week old newborns this year and the results have been lovely!)  During a lifestyle studio newborn photography session parents are holding and/or interacting with baby and so it doesn’t matter if baby no longer wants to curl up into the foetal position or is too interested in whats going on to sleep.

This is great news because the older baby is, the stronger their immune system is.  For this reason you can book a Lifestyle Studio Newborn Photo Shoot for anytime from 2 to 8 weeks after their due date.

It will also be a shorter shoot as we won’t need to wait for baby to go to sleep.  Rather than a 3 to 4 hour shoot it would be about 90 minutes but I allow 2 hours for feeding and nappy changes.

The shoot below took an 90 minutes from start to finish including feeds, nappy changes and outfit changes.  A fun and relaxed shoot which I think shows in their gallery:

What Safety Measures have you put in place?

For Newborn Lifestyle Studio Photo Shoots:

As mentioned above because baby isn’t being posed and wouldn’t need to be asleep it isn’t necessary to host the photo shoot so early in babies life.  

It will also be a shorter shoot as we won’t need to wait for baby to go to sleep.  Rather than a 3 to 4 hour shoot it would be about an hour, perhaps an hour and half to allow for feeding.

For all shoots:

Following the latest Covid-19 update, I will wear a mask, keep my distance and Parents will change and move baby and older siblings.  It will be a completely contactless experience but still fun and relaxed.  (Apart from posed newborn shoots – I have to be hands on for those). I’ve had a good 6 months of social distancing photo shoots and I can say that it has been possible to maintain social distance and still have a very successful photo shoot.

I only book 1 shoot per day on weekdays – two per day at the weekend.  This is to ensure I have time to fully clean all surfaces and door handles with antibacterial spray.  I will change my clothes after cleaning the studio and before your shoot and I have purchased individual hand towels for more hygienic hand drying.

I will not be offering refreshments during this time but you are obviously more than welcome to bring your own.

All gallery viewing sessions will take place online via Zoom.  Don’t worry I can talk you through this if it’s not something you have used before, it’s very easy!

Virtual Studio Tour

Set in a rural East Hertfordshire village location close to the border with Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and North London. Sarah Cockerton Photography has onsite parking and is the perfect place for your Social Distance Photo Shoot.  But don’t take my word for it, take a whistle stop virtual studio tour here:


How do I book a Social Distance Newborn, Baby, Maternity or Family Photo Shoot?

Does this all sound good to you?  

Are you interested in having a chat about what type of photo shoot might suit your current family needs?   

I would love to hear from you.  Please contact to discuss further.

Best wishes

Sarah x


Don’t leave it too late to get in touch, I’m getting busy!

There is a baby boom coming and I am receiving a lot of newborn photo shoot enquiries!

I also have a very busy diary for January 2021 and it’s filling up for February, March, April and May.


 I also have a 2020 FEEL GOOD SPECIAL OFFER to get the ball rolling.

The offer has limited availability and priority is given to Mailing List Subscribers first.

You can subscribe here if you would like priority booking.

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