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Why you should book your Hertfordshire Family Photo Shoot today!

Time really does fly and the older the children get the faster it seems to go. In a flash it’s GCSE time and you are left wondering how your baby became this independent young person. Believe me, I know! It may not seem like it when your children are young! You don’t have a second to yourself! But honestly in 10 to 15 years down the line you will wonder how it passed so quickly.

This is when your family photos become priceless. Not now, not even next year or the year after but in 5, 10, 20, even 50 (hopefully!) years time you are going to look at those beautiful images on your wall, smile and say to your partner “do you remember?…”

There are lots of reasons why not to do a family photo shoot this year:

  • I’m just too busy
  • The kids might not behave
  • I would really like to lose a bit more weight
  • Don’t know what short of shoot would be best for us
  • Can we afford it?
  • It’s all a bit overwhelming really, lets leave it until next year…

There is really only one reason to go ahead and book now:


(and neither will you for that matter!)


Don’t worry! I can help you with every single one of those concerns. So if you are considering a family photo shoot give me a call on 01763 289732 or contact me . We can have a chat about what you would like and how we can achieve it.


First and foremost, you need to decide whether you would you like a studio or location photo shoot? Or perhaps a combination of the two. They both provide quite different images so it depends what you would prefer to display in your home and what suits your family’s personality.

If you are an outdoor active family you may prefer to be outside to capture some natural images, this is also a good choice for kids who are always on the move!

If you prefer more posed images on a plain background then a studio shoot is definitely the right shoot for your family!


Sarah Cockerton Photography offers studio, location and combined photo shoots at and around her countryside East Herts Studio. There is also a lovely deli/store adjoining the studio for a post shoot bribe, I mean treat!!

When to schedule your photo shoot?

Studio photo shoots can be scheduled for any time of day at any time of year. The same look can be replicated because of the controlled environment and lighting. The main considerations are whether you would you like to capture a particular milestone or what time of day works best for your family.

For example: morning photo shoots are best for newborns, babies and young children but are unlikely to be popular with teenagers!

The best time to schedule location shoots depends on the seasons, what suits your family and the good old British weather! Ideally early morning or late afternoon are best for Spring & Autumn shoots, evening shoots work best in Summer and during Winter, as long as you avoid the midday sun, you should be ok for the rest of the day. However, these timings don’t always work if you have young children. So in those circumstances I would book an earlier shoot but choose somewhere with some shady areas to avoid harsh sunlight.

094_Hertfordshire Family Autumn Photo Shoot

There is always a way to work around what suits your family. No two families are the same and what works for one may not work for you. I get that and it’s why every one of my family shoots are different. Hertfordshire family photo shoot.

What to wear?

Actually this really is surprisingly important. Clothing choices can make a huge impact on your final images!

The aim is that your faces and any props, if used, (for a studio shoot) or your faces and surroundings (for a location shoot) are the main focus of the image. Not your clothes. Therefore, clothes should be plain and simple. Now I’m not talking about a potato sack here! Anything too baggy isn’t very flattering in photos. It’s best to choose a colour scheme and style of clothing and then pick everyones outfits bearing those in mind. You don’t all need to wear the same thing but just make sure you compliment each other.

Please avoid stripes, bold patterns and logos. These immediately become the focus of an image and draw the attention away from your faces. Textures are great as they give a bit of depth to an image. So lace, tweed, tulle are all fabulous. Neutral and pastel colours are usually best as they are timeless and don’t produce a colour cast. Although dark colours also work well and bold colours can work if combined carefully.


Part of my pre-session consultation process covers clothing. I am more than happy to go through your clothing choices with you and make suggestions/offer advice.

Preparing for the shoot

It really does help to have a pre-session consultation in person with your photographer. I know life is busy but it’s usually just a 30 minute cuppa and helps to take away any concerns you may have about the person who will be photographing your family. It also makes it much easier on the day of the shoot if you know where you are going and feel comfortable with the photographer you are meeting. From the photographers point of view, you can get a much better feel for the type of shoot a Client would like when you meet them in person.

Try and have your outfits, hairstyles and anything else you are bringing to the shoot ready and agreed the day before the shoot. This will help to reduce stress and arguments on the day of the shoot. IT IS HARD WORK GETTING EVERYONE READY FOR A SHOOT! ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE A LITTLE RELUCTANT!

During the shoot

When you arrive for your shoot we will have a bit of a chat to get know each other as I probably won’t have met the rest of the family before. I will give the children a little bit of breathing space to settle in rather than jumping straight into the photos. I usually start with the group family photos to help everyone feel a little more comfortable as it can be a bit daunting for the little ones to sit on their own at first. (This isn’t usually an issue on location shoots!). I then move onto Mum & Children, Dad & Children, Mum & Dad (lets face it, it’s probably quite some time since you had a photo taken together!), the children together and finally individual images of the children.

I can also do professional head shots for Mum and Dad at the end of the shoot while the children are having a snack, if required.

Tempting as it is to prep the kids to smile for the camera, please don’t! The idea is to capture your family as naturally as possible and not to capture their fake school photo smile!

I keep some treats in the studio which we can use as an incentive for those last few photos when the children are starting to get bored but it’s works a bit better if they don’t know about it before hand. When you aren’t in the shot, please try to remain as quiet as possible so the children look at the camera. It’s more difficult than it sounds!


My top priority during a photo shoot is to make sure everyone is having fun. If they aren’t we change it about and try something else.

My Clients often comment about how surprised they were that the shoot was so relaxed and enjoyable!

How will I display my images?

Well this is entirely up to you and your home style. The options vary from beautiful pieces of wall art which will be constantly on display in your home to albums and portrait boxes that you bring out when you want to sit and remember or you may just prefer images on a USB to print at a later date.

I offer all of these products but my speciality is stunning pieces of Wall Art. My Wall Art & USB collections are the most popular purchase from my Product Guide. Clients love to take home these beautiful pieces of hand crafted wall art ready to hang on their walls or to display on an easel together with some images on a USB which can be used for smaller prints, gifts and cards.

So, if you would like a chat about your family photo shoot, give me a call today or send me a message and let me know when it’s a good time to call you.

This family photo shoot was held at Hitchin Lavender and was such fun.
For details of next years dates and booking details click here.

Contact me today to discuss your HERTFORDSHIRE FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT on 07827 443960.


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