Hertfordshire Baby Photography Shoot

Letchworth Baby Photography Shoot



Meet Avni!

What a beautiful baby girl she is! Such gorgeous dark eyes and those eyelashes…

Baby photo shoots are great fun. I recommend having baby photography shoot when baby is between 4 and 9 months old. Exactly when within those ages is entirely up to you and depends on what stage you would like to capture.

Most babies are starting to develop their characters around the 4 month mark. It’s a lovely time to capture giggles and expressions. Around the 6 month mark baby’s are starting to sit unaided, albeit a little wobbly at times! This is a great age to capture those first sitting photos, commonly known as “sitter sessions”. It’s also a lovely age to capture images of the babies lying on their fronts as they can hold their head up for a bit longer now. By 8 or 9 months babies are quite often on the move. Starting to pull themselves up holding onto furniture but not ready to walk yet. This is a good age for photos because they are really inquisitive and starting to see the world as a big adventure. They just can’t get to it yet. However you can see the excitement in their eyes.

So what happens during a Baby Photography Shoot?

I usually start each baby session with a family portrait unless parents are dead set against it. It’s such a wonderful keepsake and I promise you that in 10 years time you won’t look back and wish you hadn’t had that photo taken! If you don’t, the likelihood is that in 10 years time you may very well wish you did!

I also find it helps baby to settle into the session as they are just having a cuddle with Mum and Dad while a crazy woman holding a huge black object calls their name and jumps up and down in front of them (that’s me by the way, incase you thought the studio had another resident crazy woman!).

Then we move onto Baby’s photos, dressed in their chosen outfit to start and in poses appropriate to their stage of development. Sometimes we change baby into a second outfit to provide variety for your gallery and we usually finish up with some naked images (Baby that is! Not the adults, it’s not that sort of studio!!!). In all seriousness, baby is posed in such a way to ensure their modesty is kept in tact and I usually ask parents to check those images in camera to ensure they are happy with them before they leave the studio.

What happens next?

Well quite often Clients grab a bite to eat at one of our lovely restaurants or country pubs. Particular favourites are Pearces Farm Shop and The Sword Inn Hand (a beautiful 14th century country pub). It’s nice way to finish off the session. I then upload and back up the images taken. I go through and select the best images for editing and, unfortunately, it stops there for a bit as they are added to my editing queue. My turnaround is about 2/3 weeks at the moment. It can be quicker and very occasionally, around holidays, a bit longer but usually 2/3 weeks. If you can make it back to the studio to view your images I highly recommend it. I prepare a lovely slideshow, print off your images and we go through them and it’s much easier to decide which images you prefer when you can see them side by side on the coffee table rather than flicking back and forth on a computer screen.

Alternatively, I understand that life is busy so if you can’t make it back to the studio I can arrange an online gallery for you. Be warned though, most people end up asking if they can come into the studio as they can’t decide!

Most of my products have a maximum lead time of 2/3 weeks so you should have a stunning piece of Wall Art to display in your home 4 to 6 weeks after your session. And there it will stay for many years and generations. Something to look back on when your beautiful babies have grown into stroppy teenagers. So you can remember that they were cute and they did love you, once upon a time!

For further information about a Baby Photography Shoot please get in touch with Sarah for a chat or to arrange a studio tour.


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