Moody Teens & Older Kids!


We all know that the moodiness starts way before their teens so this type of portrait session will also suit your older kids!

I will provide guidance on what to wear but ultimately it’s about your child/teen feeling comfortable in what they are wearing and how they look.Β  The session can be for an individual teen or child to mark a special occasion, milestone or just because.Β  It can also be for siblings which would include individual images of each child and a couple of images of all the siblings together.

The session is short and sweet – 30 to 45 mins for an individual teen/child or 45 to 60 mins for siblings.

These sessions are being released shortly and there will be a Half Price Introductory Offer for the first lucky few to book.

Register your interest, receive details of the Introductory Offer and a Priority Booking Invitation here.

Here’s a little taster of how your gallery might look

I’ve opted to edit in colour for this gallery.Β  If your preference is black & white please view some black and white moody teen portraits here.

A big thank you to my wonderful models who were just awesome πŸ™‚

Please feel free to contact Sarah if you have any queries.


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