Time flies! One minute your children are babies and it seems like only the next minute that they are heading off to college! Don’t let this precious time pass without capturing your whole family with a family photo shoot. Display these beautiful images as family photography wall art in your home long after your children have flown the nest.

Are you always the one taking the photos? It’s so important to have a family portrait to look back on. One where you are included and not behind the camera. It’s not just for you to look back at and remember how cute your children were when they were small. It’s also for your children to look back and remember how much they were loved when you are no longer here to tell them.

Check your diary, find a gap that’s not too busy. Contact me to book a session and I will guide you through the whole experience. Not feeling too great about yourself at the moment? You are not alone, most Mum’s feel like this! However I can assure you that in 10 years time you will most likely look back and think you looked better than you thought! Your children certainly won’t be looking at the photo saying look at the state of Mum! They will be looking at it thinking “Ah that’s my Mum, didn’t she look young then!”.

If you have any particular areas of concern, talk to me. I can pose and edit to relieve most of your concerns. Sometimes it helps to have your hair and/or your nails done to make you feel more confident. Go on treat yourself, you don’t do this everyday and if it makes you feel more confident it will radiate in your images and make your family feel more confident.

Once you have had your session, choose your favourite images. Please don’t buy a USB and stick it in the kitchen drawer and forget about it! Put some images up on the wall straight away. Even better still purchase one of my beautiful family photography wall art pieces or displays and it could be hanging on your wall 4 to 6 weeks after your shoot (obviously timings vary but this is possible!). Choose from a selection of handpicked unique products that will showcase your images perfectly and last for generations to come. Imagine being able to pass these on to your children…

Contact Sarah for further details.

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