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Professional Website Images



Every now and then it’s nice to do something a little different. I received an enquiry a couple of months ago that was a little different to the norm. It was from Adem & Sally of Dog-Ease, who specialise in UK dog training and behaviour, asking if I could do a Brand Photography Shoot to provide them with some professional website images. “Sounds like fun” I thought and so I agreed and we set to work planning the shoot.

During the pre-session consultation we discussed their vision and what they wanted to achieve from the shoot. We discussed potential locations, colours, outfits and the image they wanted to portray.

We decided on Saffron Walden for the location as the brief was for bold vibrant colours and you don’t get much better than Saffron Walden for colourful buildings. So off I went to Saffron Walden to do a reccy and take some images of potential locations. That was fun in itself, although the rain was a little inconvenient. I have been to Saffron Walden on numerous occasions but this was different. I was walking down back streets and side roads, places I hadn’t been before with a different vision to the usual agenda of shopping and a Costa!

Once I got back to the studio, and dried off, I put the images together and created a pinterest board that I shared with Adem & Sally so they could select the locations we would use in the shoot. Then it was over to them to enlist their doggy models, choose their outfits and accessories and which dogs/outfits/accessories they wanted to use for each location. What a great job they did!

I just needed to set out the locations in an easy to follow route. We were all set. We started at a country mansion and took some images in the drive way and on the front steps. Then on to Newport for a quick shoot at a garage and wonderful teal coloured house enroute. (Obviously permission was obtained from all property owners! Just incase you were wondering!!)

Next stop Saffron Walden. We had great fun taking photos at all the different locations with different dogs. The planning paid off and we worked through our agenda without any problems. The dogs were amazing and so well behaved. Even the weather played ball!

So, a success all round I think. Adem & Sally are very pleased with the images, now showing on their website and I tried something new and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here are a couple of the images from the shoot:

If you are travelling with your dog this summer you might want to check out Adem’s blog post which offers some handy tips. . I also love this post about how dogs can help reduce mental health related issues

If your website is in need of a revamp and you are looking for some professional website images. Please get in touch and we can have a chat about your requirements and work out a Brand Photography Shoot to suit your business.


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