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Small Business Brand Photography


Small Business Brand Photography!

What is it?


Why do you need it?

Hertfordshire Personal Branding & Headshot Photographer | Sarah Cockerton Photography
Tanja Jones Designs – Creative branding & designs for small businesses with big ideas!

If all things are equal, what makes you stand out from your competitors?


Your service!

Your product!

But how does your Client know that you are better than your competitors? Well quite simply they don’t. You have to show them and how do you do that? Fortunately there are quite a few ways:

Reputation – Does your business have a good reputation? You are going to struggle to get new Clients and keep existing Clients if it doesn’t! People talk and when they do you want it to be wonderful things that they say about you and your business. Collect reviews and testimonials to show potential new Clients how happy existing Clients are with your service or product.

Customer Service – This goes without saying and is crucial to the point above, reputation. Your Clients must be treated well at all times and must feel valued. You don’t have to be perfect. Very few people expect perfection. However, honesty, integrity and authenticity are expected. And so they should be. Why would a Client return or refer someone to you if their experience was lacking?

Your Offering/USP – What is it that you are offering that is different to your competitors? Why is it better? Your Clients won’t know unless you tell them. They may think it is the same unless you explain the subtle differences.

So that’s all great but how and where are you going to show this? We live in a visual age where attention span is short and potential Clients are in a hurry. You need to catch their attention and keep it long enough to show that you have an amazing reputation, outstanding customer service and a product or service that they cannot possibly live without! That is where small business brand photography comes in!

Small Business Brand Photography

Bright vibrant unique and consistent professional imagery is required to catch your ideal clients eye and draw them into your world. Whether that’s a social media or blog post or onto your website/online shop. The images should reflect your personality and brand with just the right impact. Your brand photographer will be able to advise how best to achieve a gallery of images to suit your requirements and will hopefully spend plenty of time planning your shoot with you (I know I do!) so you can make the most of your shoot day.

Ask yourself this:

If you were to invest in a product or quality service, who would you choose? The business with makeshift mobile phone images or the business who has invested in professional images to promote their service or product? I know who I would choose every time…

Tanja Jones Designs

Tanja is an amazing brand and graphic designer with a wealth of experience working with top London branding and design agencies for Clients such as Sky Atlantic, BBC Entertainment & Nestle. Offering a variety of services to suit Blue Chip companies right down to small boutique businesses Tanja has a package to suit everyone. It was my absolute pleasure to host a Brand Photography Shoot for Tanja. It was such a fun day! Here are just a few of the images taken during her shoot:

You can find out more about Tanja Jones Designs branding & graphic design services and see how she is using the images from her brand photography shoot using the button below.

For further information on Personal Branding and Brand Photography for small businesses and entrepeneurs click here.


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