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I had such fun photographing these beautiful twin baby brothers. They were only 4 months old when they visited the studio for their Baby Photo Shoot but they had already started to develop their own personalities, cheekiness and sense of humour. Just look at this image of them pulling each others hair and looking delighted about it! I can just imagine what delights the “terrible twos” might bring! Good luck Mum & Dad πŸ˜‰

Twin Baby Boy Portrait Photography Hertfordshire
Look at these cheeky 4 month old twin brothers pulling each others hair!

Between 4 and 10 months is a great time for a Baby Photo Shoot. Babies are usually awake for the full session and they are starting to show expression and character. We usually capture some smiles and giggles but also some frowns and occasionally tears! It’s a lovely way to capture some of those precious first milestones, whether it’s some expressions and some images on their front, back and in props at 4/5 months or where they are sitting unaided often at some stage between 6 & 8 months.

  • Baby Photo Shoot Royston
  • Photograph of Dad and 4 month twin babies in Tottenham Hotspur Football Kit
  • Baby Photo Shoot Haverhill
  • Photograph of Mum and her Twin Baby Boys Hertfordshire

It’s also a great time for that precious first family portrait as Mum & Dad are hopefully starting to feel a little more human and a little less shell shocked as they move on from those early newborn days. Now the thought of getting in front of the camera fills some parents with dread but I always encourage parents to give it a go as it’s such a precious keepsake for your children to look back on when they are older. I start the session with the family photos to get them out of the way for those parents who are less than keen but it also helps the babies to settle into the session. Don’t worry, your children won’t notice that your hair wasn’t done or that you were still carrying a little baby weight (although photoshop can ease most concerns!). When they look at the photo in 10, 20 or 30 years time they are going to think “Wow, look how young Mum & Dad were and look how much they loved us!”.

Family Portrait Photography Hertfordshire
Beautiful Fine Art Floating Framed Family Portrait.

Most of my Clients opt for one of my Wall Art & USB collections so they have a stunning piece of Art showcasing their favourite image from their photo shoot ready to put on the wall just weeks after their session plus some images on a USB that they can print as they wish. This is exactly what this family did and what a lovely collection they went home with. These beautiful items will provide wonderful memories long after the children have grown up and left home.

Client Order from Baby Photo Shoot Hertfordshire
Client order ready for collection.


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