ve day doorstep photo shoot

I had been thinking about doorstep photo shoots for a while but I wasn’t too sure if it was the right thing to do.  After all we are still in the first Lockdown of 2020.  However as V.E. Day approached it occurred to me that it would be really lovely to do a VE Day doorstep photo shoot.  A lovely keepsake for everyone to have on this special day.  We are all in the throes of a historic event (Lockdown 2020) celebrating the 75th anniversary of a historic event.  It really should be recorded so that it can be shared with future generations.  Who doesn’t like looking through old photographs right?

I decided to put a Facebook post out and see what my neighbours though and I was delighted and very surprised at the extent of the uptake.  So this morning I set off with my camera and bottle of water (no dog today – too hot for an excitable springer spaniel!) and head off on my daily exercise with a difference.  It has been a glorious day weather wise and it was just a lovely seeing everyone dressed up for their photos.  Houses were decorated with bunting and flags, lots of people wearing red, white and blue or their favourite outfits and all were in good spirits.  

Over 30 households took part and although the photo was a gift from me to them, some residents have made a donation to NHS Charities Together or Help for Heroes.

A day to most definitely be proud to be British ???????? 

V E day costume of the day has to go to this young man. How awesome does he look!

If there is anyone I photographed today that would like to be featured please let me know and I will add you. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sarah x

Would you like to print your photo?

Would you like to print your photo so you can display it? I highly recommend you do! I recommend River & Coast to all my Clients.  Their prints are fantastic quality and a true reproduction of my edited images. 

I am ordering a few prints for residents who may not be able to order for themselves online.  Please get in touch before Tuesday if you would like me to order your print too. x


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